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Bulletproof Cashiers Booth Installed Overnight

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40The TTC, a client of Provincial Partitions for more than 30 years, needed a bulletproof cashiers booth. It was to be installed in Union Station in Toronto, the busiest transportation hub in Canada, which services upwards of 200,000 passengers each and every business day. To avoid any disruption during the busiest hours it was determined that an evening installation was required. Working closely with TTC design staff Provincial Partitions was able to easily customize their patented System 40™modular components to provide the necessary level of security.


ttc_hero_2Along with bulletproof panes, armour plate was installed and concealed within the wall cavities of the System 40™ panels. Double door sealed access provided a secure entry, while drop safes were built right into the standard steel counters. Pass-through service wickets, along with an electronic intercom, provided the final level of security.

Because System 40™ assembles faster and cleaner than conventional construction; it meant less mess and downtime and the installation was easily completed in one night. There was virtually no business interruption. Panels were easily modified on site to suit even the most critical dimension. With System 40™ virtually any layout is possible. It’s easy to combine door, window and wall panels to meet any current needs with the flexibility to expand or relocate in the future.

ttc_logo2012 marks the 91st anniversary of the Toronto Transit Commission as a public service in the City of Toronto. Since 1921, the TTC has carried more than 27 billion riders. To learn more about the TTCand their services visit their website here.

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