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Custom Retrofitted Control Room Enclosure Built For J.J. McGuire

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J.J. McGuire, a general contractor servicing many industries, needed an exterior control room for one of their large automotive clients. The specifics of this particular building required some creative thinking. To provide a cost effective solution, it was determined that by simply customizing a relatively standard 6′ x12′ Provincial Partitions Smoke Shelter, that it would provide the required protection from the elements. The large glass panels provided just the right amount of combined protection along with increased visibility from within the welded tubular structure.

J.J. McGuire Custom Control Room

J.J. McGuire Custom Control RoomJust like a standard Smoke Shelter, the unit was constructed without a floor. The oversized equipment that it was to protect was already in place at the client location, so all that was required was to crane the enclosure into place from above. The small glass enclosure, like all similar Provincial Partitions smoke shelters, is lightweight and easy to relocate should needs change. Additionally, significant cost savings were realized by using the standard components used in Smoke Shelter construction.

All Provincial Partitions smoke shelter enclosures include the following with options:

  • Welded tubular aluminum frame construction
  • Pre-painted and pre-glazed
  • Tempered Safety Glass is standard
  • Base plates provided for easy anchoring
  • Seating and other accessories are available
  • Glazing options are available
  • Electrical options are available

J.J. McGuire LogoSince 1987 J.J. McGuire is a general contractor that strives for excellence in serving the construction industry. With sales in excess of $40 million annually they continue to experience rapid growth servicing many various industries. To learn more about J.J.McGuire’s capabilities and services visit their website here.

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