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Cyclone Manufacturing Isolates 5,400 Sq. Ft. Quality Control Area With System 40™ Wall

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System 40

Needing to separate a 5,400 square foot quality control section from the main production area, repeat customer Cyclone Manufacturing turned to ProPart Modular for yet another modular space solution. Combining a mezzanine storage area above the quality control department made it possible to cordon off the entire area with the installation of a single, 170-foot-long, 12-foot-high System 40™ P3 panel. Pleased with how the project was progressing during installation, Cyclone opted to expand the enclosure even further, adding an additional 33-foot-long section to contain the machining area as well.

Cyclone Mfg. System 40 Wall

Cyclone ManufacturingProPart Modular’s proprietary System 40™ is easily customizable. Rather than install a solid wall, the client wanted a “Gallery Effect” and opted for the System 40™ P3 metal/vinyl panel with windows to be used for the entire length. For a number of years now, ProPart Modular has completed a variety of projects for Cyclone Manufacturing including other wall dividers and In Plant Offices.

Cyclone LogoFounded in 1964 Cyclone Manufacturing Inc. began and remains focused on what it has always done best: the production of aircraft components, Cyclone’s mainstay operation. In co-operation with a Detroit-based company, Cyclone was the first to manufacture indexable cutters, which are now used throughout the industry. To learn more about Cyclone Manufacturing Inc. visit their website here.

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