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Environment Canada’s Eight Remote Air Monitoring Labs

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Environment Canada needed to construct 8 new air-monitoring labs to be placed in a variety of remote locations, some as far away as the North West Territories. Because of the remote locations, conventional construction was simply not an option. With each pre-fabricated modular structure constructed in Provincial Partitions climate controlled plant in Mississauga, these turnkey units were then shipped complete, one by one, to eight separate locations.


ec_2Each 8’x20’ Steel Frame Exterior Structure was built on steel skids so that transportation to each remote area could easily be facilitated no matter what the terrain.

After Environment Canada’s initial tour of the production facilities at Provincial Partitions, they went with Provincial Partitions, even though they were not the least expensive. When comparing Provincial Partitions to other suppliers Environment Canada had the most confidence in Provincial Partitions ability to deliver. As it turns out, they were right. Upon completion and delivery the client stated unequivocably that these were the best buildings ever commissioned for this kind of project.

As a part of the Andrew Thomson Research Laboratories at Environment Canada, one of the facility’s unique and specific capacities include: the Canadian Regional and Urban Investigation System for Environmental Research, a mobile air monitoring laboratory equipped with some of the most advanced air-quality measurement systems in the world. Provincial Partitions modular buildings now house the air monitoring equipment used for this research.

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