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ESC Partners With Provincial Partitions To Build An E-Room

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Long-time client international manufacturer, Environmental Systems Corporation, partnered recently with Provincial Partitions to create an E-room for one of their valued clients. Provincial Partitions provided the steel infrastructure for the E-room which ESC later completed on their own. Measuring 60 x 108 feet, more than 15 tons of steel were installed and erected by Provincial Partitions in less than five days – well within the allotted time frame originally agreed to.

ESC E-Room Steel Infrastructure

ESC E-Room Steel InfrastructureESC turned to Provincial Partitions to do the steel infrastructure because of their expertise in comprehensive HVAC load calculations. Proper sizing of the environmental system is crucial. Provincial Partitions, working with numerous mechanical and systems engineers, has developed an extensive computer load calculating program incorporating all potential load sources unique to powder application E-rooms.

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