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Veterinary Purchasing’s Elevated In Plant Office

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System 40

If you need to find office space where there is none – look up. Veterinary Purchasing’s busy, efficient warehousing operation had little room to spare. They needed a new office for their warehouse manager so they turned to Provincial Partitions for a solution. Working closely with Provincial Partition’s staff it was determined that a System 40™ Elevated Mezzanine Office was exactly what was needed.


vet-purchasing-2Provincial Partitions proprietary System 40™ is easily customizable. The inherent flexibility made it possible to build over an existing workstation. The additional office space on the second story now provides a spacious single office for warehouse manager Charlie Harris.

vet-purchasing-logoVeterinary Purchasing is an organization owned solely by licensed veterinarians to purchase animal health products and hospital supplies for distribution to its members. The efficient inventory distribution provided by Veterinary Purchasing frees up clinic staff from these time consuming activities, and allows the member clinics to focus on what they do best – provide excellent veterinary care for livestock and pets. To learn more about Veterinary Purchasing services visit their website here.


vet-purchasing-3Veterinary Purchasing is a repeat customer. Pictured to the right is a portion of the original installation from a comprehensive System 40™ office partitions solution. Many System 40™ offices were installed to accommodate Veterinary Purchasings’ growing needs.

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