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Going Green with Modular Construction

There is no doubt that modular construction is becoming increasingly popular within North America. With it’s estimated valuation being $154 million (USD) by 2023, it is important to recognize the benefits of this method of construction. One of the most important benefits being the environmentally friendly aspect of it.

Here are 5 Eco-Friendly benefits associated with going modular:

Reduced Waste

With modular construction, everything is prefabricated and sized to fit in advance, resulting in reduced construction waste. Conventional construction requires ordering materials and cutting to fit, resulting in excess waste and trimmings. It may not seem like much at the time, but those bins that are filled up on conventional construction sites add up at the landfill.

Reduced Emissions

Modular construction often means most of the production is taken away from the construction site and is replaced with more efficient warehouse production processes. Approximately 60-90% of modular construction is completed inside the warehouse and sent out to the site. Often, the product being sent out of the warehouse is nearly complete and takes minimal time to finish. These processes result in an overall reduction of job site travel and, ultimately, carbon emissions.

Reusable Materials

When you go modular, relocation is easy, whether you’re just moving within your current space or to another location. Having the freedom to relocate with little to no waste is impressive. It’s something that can’t be said when you consider the amount of time, energy and waste is associated with a conventional construction tear down.

For example, with ProPart Modular System 40 ™ applications, any wall panel can simply be removed without disturbing adjacent panels. With no mechanical fasteners to maneuver and an easy plug & play connection, there are unlimited layout possibilities when relocating, reconfiguring, or expanding.

With 100% reusable materials, you’re effectively reducing your carbon footprint, saving time and saving the cost, both now and in the future.

Energy Efficiency

Modular structures can drastically reduce your energy consumption, both during the building process and in the future.

Opting for well insulated panels and low flow plumbing installation will mean less energy use and decreased hydro costs. A well insulated unit will equal regulated heating and cooling, while low flow plumbing uses roughly half the amount of water that traditional plumbing requires

Longer Building Life Span

ProPart Modular does not use organic materials that can cause mold or mildew, which results in less environmental risk for the inhabitants in the future and a long building life span. In addition, products don’t warp or change shape and can be made fireproof, explosion proof and waterproof for long lasting durability.