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How We Optimized Our Work Space Using Our Own Applications

When we acquired our Burlington HQ, the open concept was, well… open.

You may be thinking, in a world of open concept floor plans and hot desking, does anyone really want their own office anymore? The answer is yes.

Open Sourced Workplace wrote a great article outlining 10 problems with hot desking. It included issues such as loss of privacy, the restricted access of accommodations for employees, no storage space and even the loss of productivity.

We aren’t about that!

We quickly applied our System 40™ Wall Applications in our own location to optimize our work space and provide employees with their own, private offices. Installing modular office partitions meant that we could provide employees with the offices that they wanted in what seemed like no time at all.

For example: Nancy, our Director of Finance, initially didn’t have a work space to call her own and we didn’t have to disappoint or scramble to get one together for her. Instead, we simply applied our System 40 wall system and created her an office by the next business day.

“I was the customer”, says Nancy. “It was hard to imagine the building process at first, but I couldn’t believe how it all came together so quickly”.

Again, the space was constructed all within the span of one business day.

There are obvious benefits of having your own, personal work space but the benefits of using modular office partitions to create that work space are key.

Modular Office Partitions are:

  • Flexible, Demount-able & Relocatable

  • Cost Efficient

  • Durable

  • Time Saving: Quick installation means limited down time or business interruption

Not to mention they maximize space in the office! Glass partitions can even create a sense of openness while still providing that privacy to your employees, all while sporting a sleek, modern look.

We not only applied our systems to create offices upstairs, but we created work space in our production facility downstairs as well. We installed 3 offices and a full lunchroom for employees, which sports a kitchen, seating space and even an arcade game.

We utilized our own modular systems to provide our team with a work space they’re happy to be in and we can help you do the same. No matter how you want to apply the office space solutions, we’re here to help.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post, where we will take you on a tour of our production facility, including it's modular offices!